Hello, Goodbye


Lupe Fiasco

Sáng tác: Đang cập nhật | Album: The Cool (CD2)| Thể loại: Âu Mỹ, Rap / Hip Hop| Lượt nghe:

Lời bài hát Hello, Goodbye


[Cho rus (x2):]
Hello darkness, hello sunshine, hello not at all, hello all the time
Hello no where, hello oblivion, hello goodbye

Hello Darkness
You [x6]

[Verse 1]
All in together the weather is better than ever
I hope it never ends I hope it lasts forever
But when it does, we can all pretend that it's better than it's ever been
Lie to ourselves like the sky to rebel
And its well and its fine and its fine if it fell
And you couldn't find the story line if you survive to retell
We are targets, Hello darkness


[Lupe mumbling]
Said everything is going to be fine
Said everything is gonna be OK
Said just don't breathe the air

[Verse 2]
He just sits and waits for them to kick in the door
He once was a hero they don't love him no more
There's a blast, every time a foot hits the floor
His gift for not fighting another man's war
And if they can get their hands on the mask that he wore
On his face, they can put somebody else in his place and restore
The state, the illusion that its safe
the faith, that being a slave is great
As gas fills the room and rockets destroy everything around him
He stands to find himself surround
By thousands of soldiers that his once trained to never miss their targets
Heartless, Hello Darkness


[Outro - Unkle]
Hello Darkness

Please to make your acquaintance
Saluta tions, Konnichiwa
Hello end of the world, how are you, I'm fine

Hey there darkness, hey there sunshine,
hello not at all, hello all the time
Hello no where, hello oblivion,
hello goodbye

[Chorus x3]

Hello darkness, hello sunshine
Detonate, uncool

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Lupe Fiasco

Lupe Fiasco

Tên thật: Wasalu Muhammad Jaco

Ngày sinh: 1982 - Quốc gia: United States

Wasalu Muhammad Jaco (sinh 16 tháng 2, 1982), nổi tiếng với nghệ danh Lupe Fiasco của mình, là một rapper người Mỹ, nghệ sĩ, nhà sản xuất và Giám đốc điều hành của 1 và 15 Entertainment. Ông nổi tiếng trong năm 2006 sau sự thành công của album đầu tay

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